Edo Tokyo Guesthouse

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There are 3 rooms
Live confortable

There are 3 rooms

All rooms are dormitory style. Each bed is separated by a board to keep privacy. Price is the same in every room.We are now offering special discount!

Special Offer
First Month (30 days) ¥27,000
* First time only
¥33,000 / month (30 days) includes utility fees
Cancelation fee
We require ¥2,000 cancellation fee for canceling on the check-in day
¥10,000 deposit is required
* We refund the deposit after deducting ¥5,000 cleaning fee
If you move to one of our branch in Tokyo, the deposit will be transferred.

Women's dormitory

Men's dormitory

Mix Dormitory

Other expenses

Coin-operated shower
¥100 / 15 min.
Laundry / Dryer
Coin-operated ¥100
Rental Bicycle
¥500 / 8h (until 8 pm), ¥1,000 / 2 days (please make a reservation in advance)
Parking for bicycle / motorcycle
¥1,500 ^ ¥6,000 / month
Left luggage fee
¥500 / day (if you want to leave your luggage before check-in or after check-out)


Check-in / Check-out
Check-in: 13:00 and after
Utility fees
Utility fees are included in the rent